Sunday, 17 December 2017

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The union behind Friday's rail strike in Auckland says if they don't take action, people will die. Aucklanders are bracing for commuter chaos as train workers in the Rail and Maritime Transport Union walk off the job, leaving 30,000 people looking for another way to get to work. But union organiser John Kerr says it's the only option, as French-owned train operator Transdev plans to cut down staff on rail services. "We all know you can't take shortcuts on safety," Mr Kerr told The AM Show. There are currently one or two staff on each train as well as the driver, monitoring both the platforms and the trips. A proposed 200-person job cut means these support staff would go. "We believe if this goes ahead there will be fatalities. Your mum gets her handbag caught in the train... gone." Ms Kerr says Transdev is notoriously difficult to deal with.

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